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Apology and Resignation from my post as Editor in Chief of ‘The Kurdish Globe’

Gazi Hassan 21/2/2017 Professionalism in media, before anything else, is commitment, duty and moral. I’ve been directly practicing journalism since 1991, 26 Feb 2017


Administrative Reforms… Human Reforms

By | Gazi Hassan Kurdistan Region Presidency announced in a statement the projects, decisions and steps taken for the administrative reforms. Among the information published was a large number of violations 20 Feb 2017


Consolidating unity the legitimacy of the Supreme Kurdish Committee

SaadulaAqrawi Refrain from playing Kurdish factions one against another, and pursue insteada policy of consolidating unity and bolstering the representativeness and legitimacyof the Supreme Kurdish Committee.Encourage in particular the KNC and PYD 20 Feb 2017


Will the US Re-enter the Precarious Middle East?

By | Gazi Hassan In his first week since he took office, the new US President Donald Trump started with issuing threats and decisions of holding visa to seven Muslim-majority countries. 13 Feb 2017


US relations with Turkey and KRG as important allies

SaadulaAqrawi The United States relations with Kurdistan Region and Turkey as important allies since the 2003have evolved. Congress appropriates relatively small amounts of military and security assistance for Turkey compared with past sums, 13 Feb 2017


For the Kurds there is no alternative only unification!

By | Gazi Hassan Media always play negative role in conveying and broadcasting information, this might be a rewarding profession for a journalist, when he doesn’t want to mention news of unity 6 Feb 2017


No Matter What, We are Heading for Independence !

By | Gazi Hassan All those hate the Kurds, accuse them of not being submissive to their rule and following their wishes. The main purpose in following their wishes is of course enslaving the Kurds 30 Jan 2017


The Next Big Thing in Kurdistan

By Swara Kadir Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is worth over $22 trillion dollars worldwide. This can be the next economic big thing in Kurdistan. The global economy is fast changing to a digital one. 30 Jan 2017


United State Political map system

SaadulaAqrawi United State is a One of the most populated and powerful countries in the world, the United States of America is the third largest country, with a total land area of about 3,794,066 square miles. T 30 Jan 2017


The Card of the PKK and Narrowness in Politics!

By | Gazi Hassan In recent years, the public civil struggle and movement in Northern Kurdistan served PKK as an armed force a great deal, whilst the civil struggle has caused disputes in their view regarding the future of their public position in Kurdistan 23 Jan 2017



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