Syrian Kurdish refugees want Barzani to remain president

As the talks and meeting between the 5 main political parties in Kurdistan Region has not yet reached a solution regarding Region’s Presidency Law and extension of President Massoud Barzani’s period in office, Syrian Kurdish refugees call for an immediate solution for this political deadlock and argue that it is very important that President Barzani remains in his position at this critical time.
Jasim Rashid, a Syrian Kurdish refugee in Erbil, call upon the political parties to reach an agreement about the presidency issue since it is not the time for some political groups to make an issue out of this for their political interest or for the sake of pleasing some other people or groups. 
“I am asking them to give us a good news tomorrow [after the recent meeting among the 5 parties],” said Rashid. “Otherwise let them go back to their people and comply with whatever decision the people would make.”
“Around 300,000 refugees have reached Europe till now and the whole world is busy with them, while Kurdistan Region has accommodated 1.8 million refugees and the situation here is not change, and even better. All of this is thanks to the wisdom and capabilities of President Barzani.”
Shahab Goran, another Syrian Kurdish refugee, says President Barzani is important for all four parts of Kurdistan, since in his opinion if it was not because of President Barzani, “the Syrian Kurdistan, and especially Kobane, would have been destroyed by now.”
“Kurdistan Region has become the most stable part in the Middle East,” said Goran. Kurds from all around the world hope that the dreams of the Kurds in this part of Kurdistan come true, so that other parts also try to achieve the same.

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