HDP's spokesman hails KDP's attempts to prompt peace

Ayhan Bilgen, the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) spokesperson talks about the importance of Kurdistan Democratic Party's delegation visit to his party's office in Ankara. KDP's visit came after the office in the city was attacked a few days ago. He says the visit meant a lot to HDP and describes it as a message for coexistence and peace.

During its visit, KDP's delegation met with HDP leaders and discussed the Kurdish issues and questions in all parts of Kurdistan.

Concerning Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani's peaceful message about the issues between PKK and Turkey, Bilgen said "it is important to try to promote peace and coexistence principles regardless who makes the attempts for these issues. We are pleased with any efforts made by any side for helping ease the tensions."

Bilgen also said the openness process to create a dialogue between all the sides and nations is not only useful for Kurds but it is good for the reputation of Turkey as well.

Bilgen declared that his party is ready to accept any propositions presented by any sides from anywhere for the sake of making peace instead of fighting.

"When two sides do not reach solutions and agreements  in order to ease tensions, the third party is required to present suggestions. The third party does not necessarily have to be a political party, as sometimes the civil society organizations can play that role as well."




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