Drug trafficking increasing in Kurdish areas near Iran’s border

The drug trafficking rate is increasing in the Kurdistan Region areas near the Iranian border and the security officials ascribe the reason to the financial crisis befalling the region.
Mohamed Fazil, spokesperson for Security Directorate of Rapareen, a town near the Iranian border, said the increasing rate of drug trafficking in those areas is multifactorial, however the main factors are the high unemployment rate, financial crisis and the proximity of the areas to Iran.
According to Rapareen Security Directorate statistics, 127 people were arrested over drug offenses and an amount of more than 4 kg of different kinds of drug was also seized in 2016.
Sharing a long border with Iran is considered as one of the factors behind the increasing rate of drug using across Suleimaniya province of Kurdistan Region as compared to a few years ago, drug trafficking and consuming in Kurdistan Region, especially in Suleimaniya, has significantly increased with the authorities already warning the government to take an immediate action.
Jalal Amin, head of counter-drug office at the Suleimaniya Directorate of Security, previously said that illegal drugs have become more accessible these days owing to the long border strip that Suleimaniya shares with Iran.
According to a recent statement by the Suleimaniya Directorate of Security, 310 people were detained in 2016 across the province, charged with drug-related offenses.


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