Canadian military supplies to Peshmerga to arrive soon

Canada has taken steps to acquire weapons and equipment that were promised to be delivered to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces battling the Islamic State in Iraq.  Once the items, which include anti-tank missiles, medical supplies, and protective equipment, among other things, are purchased, the delivery will follow as soon as possible, the Canadian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
"The acquisition of the equipment is underway," reads the statement.
"The intent remains to deliver the items as quickly as possible, in line with suppliers’ ability to provide the quantities sought.”
The estimated value of the shipment will be $9.5 million, according to a statement made earlier this year by Daniel Le Bouthillier, spokesman for Canada’s National Defense.
The Iraqi government approved the delivery at the end of the previous year. There was some concern that the Iraqi government would refuse approval as the weapons could potentially be used to further the cause of Kurdish independence from Iraq.
The legal agreements which are being drawn up by Canadian authorities will need to be signed by both Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government in order to proceed with the delivery.

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