The Kurdish Painter Azad Hama Rasool

Azad was born in Sulaimani. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in 1986. He’s one of the artists who has been continuously working and carrying out his art activities in Kurdistan and Norway where he’s living now. The academic and analytical schools have been bases of creating the world that the artist wanted to reach. His art work of color, portrait, models, images of Sulaimani and villages of Kurdistan are comprising constant themes of his canvases. Following his graduation in the Institute, he adopted various realistic forms to describe the sufferings of the Kurdish people. The artist has many different works illustrating just these motifs. He has a considerable participation in the exhibitions with other Kurdish artists in the cities and galleries of Kurdistan, especially in Sulaimani in which he opens exhibition every two years with several paintings he executes with pens, colors and other materials. Water color is of special importance to Azad. Nature inspires his artworks, designing with black pen or charcoal is another example of his work. The avenues, bazaars, Kurdish culture, his city and Kurdistan are of special importance as how he saw them in the past. He’s enriched the Kurdish painting by images and ancient characteristics of his city and Kurdistan in the past. Azad Hama Rasool has many relations and contacts with all artists in Kurdistan, especially through his participation in exhibitions in Norway as well as Europe.  As an art teacher, he’s conducted many projects and workshops in Norway. For Azad Hama Rasool, life and art represent an infinite world beyond any limits. 

By Ashti Garmiyani

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