Syrian Kurds call on Iraqi Kurdistan to reveal warplanes’ identity

The head of Defense Body in Jazeera Canton in Syrian Kurdistan, Rezan Gilo, demanded the  Kurdistan Regional Government KRG to uncover the identity of the warplanes that allegedly launched from a military base in Iraqi Kurdistan and assaulted Jazeera Canton areas.
After the Defense Body held investigations in Jazeera Canton about the offensive on Tel Alo area, Gilo said “the warplanes that launched from military bases in Kurdistan Region were unknown.”
The KRG said in a statement on Wednesday it rejects the allegations of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) regarding an aircraft using Kurdistan Region’s airbase to bombard an area in Jazeera Canton in the Syrian Kurdistan.
Safin Dizayee, the KRG Spokesperson, strongly refuted the accusations arguing that Kurdistan Region does not even have an airbase. The Jazeera authorities seem to have been “confused,” he said.
“We deny the news reported by the PYD which purports a number of warplanes took off from a military base in the Kurdistan Region and bombarded Tel Alo area in Jazira,” Dizayee said.
On January 3, unknown warplanes bombarded sites near Tel Alo area in Jazeera Canton of Rojava. The Defense Body in Jazeera Canton assured in a statement issued on Tuesday that the warplanes launched from military bases in the Kurdistan Region.
The head of the Defense Body in Jazeera Canton concluded “we as Defense Body in the Democratic Autonomous Administration see the Turkey and the Kurdistan Region as two neighboring states, and we have not broken the law of good neighborliness whatever done, rather, we promise to protect it."


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